Tanya Tierney grew up in Durham and lived here all her life. She attended Dunbarton High School and after graduating in 1991 attended the University of Toronto. Following this her entrepreneur spirit took over. She started a very successful personal training and dietician company. Her clients included academy award winning film producers, local television celebrities, professional athletes and business CEO’s. Tanya’s love for Real Estate flourished during the final years of running her own fitness company. In the end her love for Real Estate outweighed her fitness business which she sold and is still in operation today.

Tanya made an immediate splash in Real Estate selling over 20 properties in her 1st year and winning the directors award.  In only her fourth year she sold over $15 million dollars in Real Estate and received the Diamond Award, ranking 8th in her company. She won the Diamond award again in 2007 and was ranked 6th in the company. Every other person in the top 10 has been in real estate for 20 years or more. In 2009-2011 Tanya  won Suttons top Platnum Plus award and was named Top Agent in the company in 2010 over approximatley 200 realtors.
Tanya owns 7 investment properties and puts her money where her mouth is ” I believe in the market I don’t just talk about it I do it”. She enjoys explaining the in’s and out of real estate investing. “The idea of buying an investment property off someone who doesn’t invest in the market is like buying life insurance from someone who doesn’t have any”.
Brooklin is Tanya’s home she works out of all 4 Sutton Heritage offices Pickering, Markham, Oshawa and her home office in Brooklin. Look for her ads in the Luther Vipond areana, Mckinney arena, Toronto star, Brooklin Crier, Oshawa Whitby this week and the News Advertiser.
Tanya prides herself in her knowledge of the local schools, programs, festivities, and events, if it is happening in durham she know’s about it!

Tanya’s love for the world of Real Estate is only second to her wonderful family Rick, Hudson, Summer,Broden & baby Colton! Life is busy but never to busy for her clients our team approach and full time nanny ensures you get what you need when you need it! Evenings and weekends no problem.
Go on call her!


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